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STRAY KIDS - Special Album Vol.1 [Key 2: Yellow Wood]

STRAY KIDS - Special Album Vol.1 [Key 2: Yellow Wood]

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STRAY KIDS - Special Album [Key 2: Yellow Wood] *

* Available in 2 versions.


Type: CD

Official Release Date : 06/20/2019


Import: Korea
Language: Korean


Note : Some visuals may vary from one version to another.

  • CD
  • Cover 
  • Photobook (+ special page (random 1 out of 9))
  • QR photocard  (random 3  out of 45)

01. 밟힌적없는길 (Road Not Taken)
02. 부작용 (Side Effects)
03. 별생각 (TMT)
04. Mixtape#1
05. Mixtape#2
06. Mixtape#3
07. Mixtape#4


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